Solar Energy Power Plant


An opportunity to invest in one of the world's fastest growing solar energy markets. Grafin Group starts building biggest 105mW solar power plant in this part of Europe. From architectural project and supervision of construction and maintenance 105mW Solar Plant


  • Type of business: Solar energy
  • Brand New Development
  • 105 megawatts Solar Plant with Infrastructure
  • Start-up Assets: Start Up assets can generate excellent returns 
  • Biggest 105mW solar power plant in this part of Europe.
  • Up To 21% annual returns with government incentives
  • Management team with record of success 
  • The development is due to complete in Q4 22/Q2 23
  • Location with the most hours of sunshine in Europe - over 2500 throughout the year.
  • Location: Croatia (EU member) 
Investment Solar Energy Park: 
  • 105 megawatts Solar Plant with Infrastructure 
  • Investment Plan for Solar Energy Park and Infrastructure  84.000.000 € 
  • Min.investment 1.000.000 € for 20 Bond (Share)
  • Holdings: Total of 1680 Share (Bond) at 50.000 €
  • Max. Investment 41.950.000 € for 839 Bonds
  • Investment and returns in EURO, no currency risk.
  • One Share (Bond) are One voting Rights 
  • Up To 21% Projected Annual Yield with government incentives
  • Up To 10,84%  Projected Annual Yield  without government incentives
  • (Projected on 6 cent pro kW/h...redemption value)
Investment status:  
  • The Project starts with construction with 50% Sold 
  • Up To 21% Projected Annual Yield 
  • The development is due to complete in Q4 22/Q2 23. 
 Project number: 17848

Project documentation for investors:

  • Complete project documentation of 105MW Solar power plant and distribution system
  • Financial Analysis 
  • Feasibility
  • Technical calculation
  • Designing
  • Supervision
  • Installation
  • Miscellaneous
  • Support Structure
  • Specification
  • € 200,000 for complete project documentation for investors
  • If you buy a share the money for project documentation is returned