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Our project work beautifully because our architect and designers maintain an intense focus on simplicity and usability. They judge the success of their work not by everything they put into it, but by everything the user gets out of it.
We believe that every success is the combination of meeting client needs, committing to professional integrity, and a focus on inspiring results.
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Buy Villa in Croatia

Beautiful Villa at Fantastic Adriatic Sea Location for Best Price.

Dubrovnik, Hvar, Brac, Porec, Pula, Rovinj, Rab, Krk etc.

NEW! Dubrovnik Apartment&Penthouse

  • Available now- Prices starting from 708.000€ 
  • High-Spec two, three or four bed luxury apartments from 120 to 180 sq m (m2) and Penthose 360sq m (m2) in beautiful Orasac,near Dubrovnik & Hotel Sun Gardens Dubrovnik 5* w/Extra Large Pool 
  • 120sq m (m2) for 708.000 € (project number: 18400) 
  • 140sq m (m2) for 826.000 € (project number: 18401) 
  • 180sq m (m2) for 1.062.000 € (project number: 18402) 
  • (6.800€ sq m (m2) or if you buy before construction end you pay only 5.900€ sq m (m2)) 
  • Penthouse 360sq m (m2) 2.448.000 € with Pool (project number: 18404) 
  • (7.500€ sq m (m2) or if you buy before construction end you pay only 6.800€ sq m (m2))

Zagreb Apartment 60-120 m2 (Only 2.400€ / m2)

  • Beautifull Location at Capital City Zagreb 
  • 60 or 120 sq m (m2) 
  • Apartment with 60 m2 for 144.000€ 
  • (project number: 40210)
  • Apartment with 120 m2 for 288.000€ 
  • (project number: 40122)
  • Buy now for yourself or sell after construction is complete and earn up to 60.000€ (based on 120m2 apartment)

Invest Apartment

  • multi residential apartments for sale at great location 
  • Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Split, Porec, Rovinj, Pula, Zadar and Sibenik.
  • More info...

Invest Hotel or Aparthotel

  • hotel and aparthotel for sale at great location 
  • Zagreb, Porec, Pula, Island Rab and Island Brac.
  • More info...

Buy Private Residence

  • private residence for sale at fantastic location 
  • Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Porec, Pula, Island Rab and Island Brac.
  • More info...

Buy House in Croatia

  • Beautiful location near Pula 200m2 
  • 3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths & 2 parking sp.
  • 354.000 €  (2.030 € m2)
  • Modern Interior Design furniture +24.000 € 
  • Pool + 28.000€ 
  • More info...

Invest Yachts for Charter

  • Grafin Adriatic yacht charter is based in one of the best locations in the world for yacht charter. 
  • Offering a long and fully booked season, which makes the business profitable. 
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Invest Medical/Dental

  • Hospital with Medical Estetic or Dental Clinic with day hospital 
  • Up to 20% return pro year. 
  • The development is due to complete in Q4 2021.
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Invest Business Tower

  • Business building for Rent 
  • Brand New Development 
  • Up to 18% return pro year. 
  • The development is due to complete in Q2 2022. 
  • More info...

Buy Villa in Croatia

  • Buy residential Villa at great location.
  • Dubrovnik, Hvar, Brac, Porec, Rovinj, Pula, Rab, Murter etc.
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  • Type of business: SOLAR ENERGY POWER PLANT 
  • Brand New Development 
  • 105 megawatts Solar Plant with Infrastructure 
  • Start-up Assets: Start Up assets can generate excellent returns 
  • Biggest 105mW solar power plant in this part of Europe. 
  • 21% annual returns 
  • Management team with record of success 
  • The development is due to complete in Q4 22/Q1 23. 
  • Location with the most hours of sunshine in Europe - over 2500 throughout the year
A series of explorations, a testing of ideas. It can be simply a series of sketches or it can go into considerable depth, including design illustrations, annotative plans,sections and 3D models of a conceptual approach.
We present and visualize our designs in various media’s whether its 3D imagery, Walkthroughs or 2D Renders. So we can translate our imagination into solid materials.
At this stage, the architectural design of the project is developed and defined in details. Detailed quantities and cost information for the overall appearance, structure,services,finishes, and landscape is generated.
Construction of the project and Supervision to ensure that the design is implemented and delivered according to its specifications and the designer vision

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