Rovinj Apartments

Welcome to Rovinj

Rovinj (Rovigno in Italian) is coastal Istria’s star attraction. While it can get overrun with tourists in summer and there aren't a lot of actual sights, it remains an intensely charming place. The old town is contained within an egg-shaped peninsula, webbed with steep cobbled streets and small squares, and punctuated by a tall church tower rising from the highest point. Originally an island, it was only connected to the mainland in 1763 when the narrow channel separating it was filled. The main residential part of Rovinj spreads back from the old town and up the low hills that surround it, while resort-style hotels hug the coast to the north and south. When the crowds get too much, the 14 islands of the Rovinj archipelago make for a pleasant afternoon away.


  • Available now- Prices starting from 96.000€ 
  • Two or three room apartments
  • Fantastic Location near Rovinj and Adriatic Sea
  • Pre-launch 60 or 120 sq m (m2)  (645 or 1291 sq ft)
  • 3.200€/m2 or pre-launch from 2.400€/m2
  • 40 sq m (m2) (430 sq ft)  128.000 €/3.200€ m2 (pre-launch 96.000€/2.400€/m2)   (project number: 900603)
  • 60 sq m (m2) (645 sq ft)  192.000 €/3.200€ m2 (pre-launch 144.000€/2.400€/m2)   (project number: 900603)
  • 120 sq m (m2)  (1291 sq ft) 384.000 €/3.200€ m2    (pre-launch 276.000€/2.300€/m2)  (project number: 900604)
  • Penthouse with Private Pool - 120 sq m (m2)  (1291 sq ft) - 432.000€ /3.600€/ m2   (pre-launch 336.000€/2.800€/m2)  (project number: 900605)
  • Buy now for yourself or sell after construction is complete and earn over 100.000€ (based on 120m2 apartment)
  • Advance payment: 50% or pre-launch 100%

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