Medical/Dental Clinic


From architectural project and supervision of construction and maintenance after your takeover.

Invest Medical Hospital

  • Becoming a shareholder in a hospital offers you and your loved ones alternative coverage in times of need.
  • Brand new Hospital with Medical Estetic and Plastic Surgery practices with day hospital in Major City.
  • NET returns Up To 16% pro year.

Invest Dental Clinic

  • General dental practices with diagnostic, preventive and restorative oral care 
  • Oral Maxillofacial Surgery practice with dental surgery Implantation. 
  • Dental hospital surgical component (such as orthognathics and trauma)
  • NET returns Up To 18% pro year.

Invest Mobile Medical Hospital

  • Full funcionality Small, Medium or Large Mobile Hospital with Heliodrome for Rent.
  • The need for their use, ranging from military field hospitals to the charity, mass disaster tent cities or epidemic, pandemic etc. like this days. 
  • Unit from 500 to 30000 Patient pro one Hospital 
  • Over 5000 Respiratory Unit for Rent.
  • Over 100 hospital vehicle for Rent.
  • 8 ambulance (medical) helicopters that carry the latest medical equipment with pilot and medical personal.
  • 48h for Delivery to any part of world with airplane.
  • NET returns Up To 30% pro year.

Invest with us in New vaccine and medicines R&D factory and become Shareholder

S-Pharma London U.K. - Investment in Biopharmaceutical R&D factory for vaccine and medicines. Discovering, developing and providing different branche of vaccines and medicines. 
The development is due to complete in Q1 2022/Q3 2022
Why Croatian Hospital or Dental SPA Investing?

  • Croatia provides buyers with a rare opportunity to purchase a hospital or dental clinics ownership in Croatian Major City Zagreb. 
  • We have access to medical personal and expirience to this sector. These are scheduled to become operational Q3 2020 and Q4 2020 
  • Buyers are offered NET returns Up To 18%Y
Popular tourist location

  • We build in the Croatia, most popular tourism region in Europe.
Growing sector

  • Croatian medical tourism growth. Domestically and large number of international tourists will be attracted by increased purchasing power. 
  • Croatia, the best Europe region for Medical tourism Investing.

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