Medical Hospital

Investment in Hospital with Medical Estetic and Plastic Surgery Q4 2021

Becoming a shareholder in a hospital offers you and your loved ones alternative coverage in times of need
  • Brand new Hospital with Medical Estetic and Plastic Surgery practices with day hospital in Major City Zagreb, Croatia. 
  • Type of business: Hospital with Centre for health and Plastic Surgery 
  • Our project report also maintains that will grow by over next five years with Up to 16% return pro year. 
  • Current Assets: On-going revenues from acquired and already profitable practices 
  • Start-up Assets: Start Up assets can generate excellent returns 
  • Management team with record of success 
  • The development is due to complete in Q4 2021. 
  • Location: Croatia (EU member) 
  • City: Zagreb...Croatian Capital City 
  • Target Population: USA, UK, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Austrian, German, Sweden, Finland, Danmark, Slovenian and Croatian. 
  • Full Investment (Capital cost): 60.000.000 US$ (52.000.000 €) based on one medical clinic with day hospital w/plastic surgery, ophthalmology, cosmetic treatment and Maxillofacial/dental workplace. 
  • Min.investment 30.000 US$ (26.000 €) for Ownership of one share. 
  • Max. Investment 30.000.000US$ (26.000.000 €) for 50% Ownership and 1000 Share. 
  • Hospital stocks also give additional income, or you can sell it at a higher price per share and earn from it as well. 
  • Project number: 40448
Partnering with promising entrepreneurial ventures in this way allows hospitals to stretch their capital, making a 100,000 US$ investment worth 1,000,000 US$. By offering their vast experience and insight to start-up health care enterprises, hospitals increase both their chances of success and the odds of earning a strong return on investment betther than any Investment found. Consider retirement: 20 or 30 years from now, medical costs would have gone up, medicine, procedures, and professional fees (or PFs). If you become a shareholder, then practically all of those are slashed in half or more. From doctors PF alone, the cost savings are already substantial. Should you decide to secure your and your family future health, invest in hospital and become stockholders and avail a lifetime of benefits for you and your family.
Benefits? We offers numerous benefits for you like: 
  • Free room and apartments rates 
  • 50% discount on professional fees 
  • 50% discount on laboratory and diagnostic procedures 
  • 50% discount on cardio-pulmonary services and electrocardiography (ECG) 
  • 50°% discount on dermatology 
  • 50% discount on ophtalmology, treatments and surgery 
  • 25% discount on pharmacy and room items 
  • Free operating and delivery room fees 
  • Free consultation on dental services 
  • 30% discount on dental procedures 
  • The good thing about it is the benefits are not only applicable to you as a stockholder, but to your dependents as well: your parents, spouse, and children.
The hospital as a concept and a building had its beginnings centuries ago. As a result, technologies and staff training of the time appear primitive through today’s eyes. Over the years, the hospital has evolved into the institution and buildings that we know and trust, through the advance of scientific medicine. There have been revolutions in surgery (anaesthesia and asepsis), imaging, X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging MRI and laboratory medicine (bacteriology and hematology), among many other fields. The focus of all these developments was the hospital. Hospitals are not only sites to provide health care: they carry out extensive programmes relating to research and development, education and training, and in their own right they are critical components of the urban fabric.

7 Great Reasons To Invest in Hospital Stocks

  • FREE Board & Lodging up to a Suite Room 
  • Huge Discounts on Professional Fees 
  • FREE Operating, Delivery & Emergency Room Fees 
  • Discounts on Pharmacy and Operating Room Items 
  • FREE or Discounted Dental Consultation and Dental Services 
  • Earn From Selling Your Shares 
  • Lifetime and Transferable

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