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Welcome to the easy way to own a yacht, at a fraction of the cost. YachtQuarters fractional yacht ownership delivers all the joy of ownership with a surprisingly low initial outlay. Our YachtQuarters shared ownership programme has been specifically created to offer a high-value, realistic alternative to outright ownership. 
The programme enables owners to conveniently and cost-effectively share all the acquisition and operational costs of the yacht at a fraction of the price and without any of the usual complexities. Enjoy peace of mind with our completely transparent 5-star solution, providing you genuine and legal yacht ownership from a company you can trust.


  • As an example, a week on a chartered Azimut 66 in the Adriatic Sea can cost approximately €20,000… whereas a week on board a shared 
  • Azimut 66 with YachtQuarters would just be a fraction of this cost, at €35,000 (the use of the yacht is considered to be 3 weeks per year in shared ownership).
  • The charter prices are the average (high/low season) for a newer yacht, all costs include mooring, maintenance and crew. 
  • The depreciation is calculated as 42% over 4 years for a yacht in shared ownership. 
  • Available now for Time Share - Prices Only 35.000€ (Prices based on 3 weeks per year time sharing agreement)
  • Brand New Development with a Modern Interior Design at beautiful Orasan near Dubrovnik or Capital City Zagreb.
  • Location Adriatic Sea 
  • Time Share (Prices based on 3 weeks per year time sharing agreement) for 35.000€
  • Project number: 34204


YachtQuarters works through bringing a group of owners together in a combined ownership structure over a set period of time, after which, the yacht will be sold and the ownership structure dissolved. At the end of the period, owners have the option either to dissolve the ownership structure and receive the proceeds of the sale in accordance with their shareholding, or continue with a new yacht.


A share in the programme entitles each owner to four weeks on board every year*: One high season week (July–August) Two mid season weeks (April-June/September-October) One spring/autumn week (March and November) Flexible options are available – purchase extra shares to enjoy more time on board.


In addition to paying your share of the yacht, each owner pays a contribution towards the operating costs as well The traditional expenses of owning a yacht; the servicing, on-going maintenance, technical issues, crewing, repairs and storage, will be fully managed to a realistic budget. Outgoings are shared between yourself and the other owners, and all operating costs are transparent and predictable. Our professional approach makes complicated and critical decisions easy, and knowing there are no hidden charges, you will be as in control of your investment as you are of your horizons.

Zagreb Hills Timeshare Apartment and Penthouse

Prices based on one month time sharing agreement

  • Apartment 100sq m (m2) for 54.000 € (project number: 64400)
  •   Apartment 200sq m (m2) for 108.000 € (project number: 64401)
  •   Penthouse 400sq m (m2) for 248.000 € (project number: 64404)